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6mm Flat Coin Polymer Clay Spacer Beads - Bright Red - 500 Beads / Box

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Priced per box. Each box has approximately 480-520 spacer beads, in Bright Red.

Available in a myriad of fun colours, there are truly endless possibilities with our 6mm flat coin polymer clay spacer beads. You can use them to make bracelets, wristlets, lanyards, keyrings and so much more!

Each bead measures 6mm in diameter. Hole measures approximately 1.5mm.
Our 1.5mm satin nylon cords and 1mm waxed cords will easily fit through the holes. 

Each box measures 52mm x 52mm x 19mm. 

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these beads, no 2 beads are exactly the same and some variances are normal and to be expected. Clay is soft by nature and although they are hardened once dried, care still needs to be taken when handling these tiny spacers. You can add a layer of clear varnish to them for extra durability.  




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