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Knot Grippers - 1 set

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Crafted in-house (thanks Mr. AJ Craft Supplies!), these knot grippers are a must-have tool in your workshop for tightening knots without leaving your fingers and hands sore! 

Handmade from Tasmanian Oak, which is a very resilient and premium grade Australian hardwood.

Watch our full video tutorial here.

HOW TO USE: After you have tied your main knot, simply tie another knot on each of your pieces of excess string. Then, slip these extra knots into the slots on each of the Knot Grippers. Give a good pull and your main knot will end up tighter and safer than ever- with no discomfort like before! Extra Tip: The closer you tie your knots on the string to the main knot, the easier it is to get a stronger pull!

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this item and also because wood is a natural product, there may be some slight imperfections on the surface which does not in any way affect the functionality of this tool. 

Sold as a pair.



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