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July 14, 2022 2 min read

DIY beadable pens are such a fun crafting activity for all ages. Pens no longer have to be boring, they can now be cute and luxe featuring all your favourite feature beads in a myriad of colours. 
These pens also make a great desk statement piece!

To start making your own beaded pen, choose from our range of beadable pen blanks and wide array of silicone beads! Each pen already comes fitted with black ink, but you can always buy more ink refills here.

We get asked so many questions about what size of beads would best go on the pens, so with this blog we hope to answer some of those burning questions. *BONUS* if you scroll to the end, we have also added some tip + tricks for how to get the most out of the usable space on your pen shank!


How many of each bead will fit onto the pen shank?

Inspiration : Bead combinations


1. Use our shiny acrylic spacers/beads to fill in the spaces. The filling of gaps ensures your beads are secured in their places and don't loosely slide along the shank when the pen is in use.
We recommend using any of these beads when you need to fill a gap in after putting together your design.
Shiny acrylic beads range : 12mm round, 15mm flat coin, 14mm mini abacus, 18mm abacus
for example, 
2. Your first bead should be 12mm or larger in diameter.
3. Avoid stacking heavy beads. It is best to use a combination of different types of beads to even out the weight distribution. The last thing you want is for the pen user to have to put in the effort to keep the pen from falling out of their hand.
4. PERSONALISE your pens! We have a superb range of letter beads to choose from. Everyone loves having something that uniquely belongs to them. Each pen fits up to 4 letter beads in a row.

We hope this helps you plan out your next beadable pen project. Let us know in the comments below if you have any feedback/suggestions or questions. We would love to hear from you. Let your creativity run wild, the possibilities are endless. 

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