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Beech Wood Beads - Mega Mix Value Pack #3 - ROUND it up

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This beech wooden mega mix pack has been carefully curated just for you!

You will receive the following :-
30mm round x15
25mm round x15
20mm round x20
16mm round x25
12mm round x25

Total RRP is $69! So this is certainly great value.

*Please note that you may also purchase these beads individually in the store.


Made of high-quality beech wood, these beads have been sanded smooth and have a natural, unstained finish.

Beech has a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern with variations in colour, and is harder and more durable than other timbers used in teething products. Beech also has natural anti-bacterial properties, does not promote the growth of mould and fungus, and is also very easily cleaned; simply wash in warm, soapy water and allow to air dry.


As this is a natural product, all these measurements are approximate only. Please also note that there also may be very slight differences in wood colour. 

100% Beech wood (unvarnished, untreated & unpainted).


Read more about our product safety here.



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