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19mm (Floral Embossed) Round Acrylic Beads - CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR - 5 Beads

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This listing is for 5 beads in your choice of colour.

Super shiny 19mm round acrylic beads in your choice of colour, featuring with a stunning floral embossed pattern on both sides of each bead.
Hole size is approximately 3mm.

Like our floral embossed silicone beads, the embossed pattern on our acrylic beads doesn't cover the entire surface of the bead.

PLEASE NOTE : We have worked with our suppliers for more than 7+ years to ensure that you receive the best quality, original acrylic beads from us. Our shiny acrylic beads are rack plated to a superior quality to last you years without tarnish. Know that you can always trust us for great quality products :-)



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