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Hanging Girl Diffuser Bottle - 8ml capacity - Each

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This listing is for 1x super adorable girl hanging diffuser bottle. Each bottle comes boxed and bubble wrapped.
Exclusively manufactured for AJ Craft Supplies, these girl bottles have been engraved with the sweetest faces, and exude all the fun and happy vibes to take you through all the seasons of the year!

Add colours to your girl diffuser with our wide range of silicone, wooden and acrylic beads. Our recommended cord to use with these diffuser bottles for beading, are our 1.5mm satin nylon cords.

60mm height (not including metal hook) x 31mm (at widest points)

Each bottle is sold as an empty bottle (glass bottom, beech wood cap), can hold up to 8ml of liquid and comes with a removable plastic stopper (plug) already inserted. Wooden cap is made from beech wood.

To use, unscrew the wooden cap and unplug the plastic stopper. Pour your fragrance of choice in, screw on the wooden cap, gently turn the bottle upside down and do this a few times so the fragrance soaks through to the wooden cap.
The fragrance diffuses from the cap.

IMPORTANT: If you are intending to hang this diffuser bottle in a moving vehicle, like a car, please make sure that the plastic stopper is plugged in at all times to prevent leakage/spillage. 



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