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Renaissance Wax Polishing Compound - 2.25 Oz / 65 ml

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Renaissance wax is the #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide for the preservation of precious pieces!

It is a clear, protective wax with many uses in the jewellery workshop. From protecting metals from tarnishing and oxidisation, preserving antique and coloured patina to preventing your tools from rusting! As well as metals, it can be used on a wide range of other materials such as polymer clay, wood, leather and ceramics.

So easy to use! Simply apply sparing with a soft cloth. It is recommended that after an hour of application, apply 2 or 3 further thin coats of the wax, gently buffing each to full shine and allowing about 30 minutes between each coat.

  • 2.25 fl. oz / 65ml tin
  • Clear, protective wax
  • Unlike lacquers, it leaves behind an almost invisible protective layer rather than a shiny coating so it won’t affect the look of your design
  • Easy to use, simply apply sparingly with a soft cloth and buff gently
  • Protects silver, copper and other metals from tarnishing and oxidisation
  • Suitable to use on a wide range of other materials such as polymer clay, wood, leather and ceramics
  • Protect your workshop tools from rusting
  • PH neutral (acid free), so won't damage sensitive materials - even on paper and photographs as it will not stain or darken the paper

More About Renaissance Wax

Renaissance wax was first developed in the early 1950s in the British Museum research laboratories, specifically for the conservation and protection of exhibits where traditional waxes contained acids which could spoil antique furniture and works of art. It has gone on to become one of the most popular conservation wax polishes and is widely used in museums, art galleries and stately homes. It has a micro crystalline structure much finer than totally natural waxes, a quality that is highly efficient for moisture resistance. When applied thinly and rubbed out to a full lustre, the wax film is glass clear, and it remains clear, with no discolouration of the wax or the underlying surface.


Note: If the lid is loose or left off, product may gets dry, cracks,etc.. A quick fix.... just add a drop at the time of 'pure unscented mineral spirits', work it into the wax and it will bring it back to life.

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